Oriental Rug Care SoHo

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site. As a local New York Based company we are proud to be serving New Yorkers since 2004. Our goal is to offer outstanding customer care, excellent Care and cleaning results every time & keeping a safe and toxin free house and furniture or rugs once the project is complete. SoHo Rug Care will apply top of the line technologies and devices when cleaning your rugs, carpets & Upholstery, while using the latest organic 100% green solutions and detergents in the market in order to keep your home bacteria free Allergen free and safe

100% Organic Upholstery & Furniture cleaning services

Once our technicians are at your location they will inspect each upholstery piece to determine fabric type, this information combined with detailed markings of higher traffic areas or stains will allow us to compile a personalized cleaning plan that will best suit your needs and budget.

Oriental & Fine Rug Care

We offer rug care for all types of rugs: natural fiber, Wool Rugs, Oriental Rugs, silk & Persian rugs. Enjoy our free pick up and delivery service 7 days a week, our technicians will inspect and determine the rug type and the proper cleaning method needed. we will dick up your rug, once the rug arrive we will follow the proper steps and personalized lan to ensure maximum top quality result every time. Once your area rug has been cleaned and dried in our temp controlled rooms it is wrapped up and ready to go back to you at a convenient delivery time to you.